Why Wilder?


we are family 

At Wilder Nursery School, our students are a part of a very special family, that spans from generations and generations of children, parents and staff. We learn, grow, and play together in a warm and safe environment all while developing the skills and fundamentals for grade school readiness. 

Wilder's expert teachers recognize that every child grows at his or her own pace, so every aspect of the program throughout the year caters to each individual child as opposed to a large group. Our aim is to help children understand and make sense of the world around them. Your child will learn how to 'be a good friend' through open play, be exposed to foreign language, express themselves through daily art and participate in specialized monthly themes which include but are not limited to; the famous artists series, space exploration, exploring the rainforest, dance and music, relaxing with some yoga, studying the excitement of the sciences and just enjoy being a kid - all while learning! 



What makes Wilder unique from other programs is that we offer two distinct curriculums that can be tailored to different classes based on the current developmental needs of students. We recognize the individuality of each child, and our approach to early childhood education is developmental. Our low student to teacher ratio enables our staff to tailor curriculum to meet the individual needs of each student. Our teachers are always ready for those unplanned "teachable" moments that occur when children are playing. Learn while they play, play while they learn. We recognize that environment has a tremendous effect on the development of a child, and therefore offer a program that is planned with a special blend of structure and flexibility.  

Wilder has also adapted many of the Hingham Public Schools learning platforms over the years including basic math & reading fundamentals, phonemic awareness and handwriting techniques. It is our goal that our little graduates are prepared for 'The Big School' when they receive their Masters in Small Arts from Wilder. The Wilder curriculum establishes clear and developmentally appropriate goals for children’s learning that are based on state recommendations. 



Our Global Environment

Wilder students each have a “home base” classroom and two teachers to call their own, but they are encouraged to interact with the children in all three classrooms and to become acquainted with all of the teachers. We call this our Global Approach. Having these designated times of open play has proven to enhance their comfort level and add to their exposure of new relationships and experiences. 

Each class is also identified by a special name such as the Playful Pandas, the Busy Bunnies and the Lucky Ducks to name a few. We find the children enjoy having these special class names and it helps them further connect with their teachers and fellow classmates. 

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Parents Have Fun Too!

You will never forget your Parent of the Day experiences at Wilder Nursery School. It is such a gift to be able to see what happens every day in the classroom, to see the way your child is learning and to see the bonds they are forming between fellow students and their teachers.

There are also plenty of opportunities to meet other parents! Our Event Planning Committee works hard all year long to put on events that both support our school and provide a social platform for parents and students to connect, have fun and mingle!