Frequently Asked Questions

I've heard it's hard to get into Wilder, should I even bother applying? Always apply! Every year is different. Wilder Nursery School selects its students based off of a lottery system. Those who are not selected will be given the option to be put on a waitlist. Historically, there tends to be some movement with preschool openings. It also depends on the year and how many siblings of current students or children of alumni apply.  

Is there any preference for enrollment given to a specific area of Hingham? All applicants have an equal chance of getting into Wilder through our lottery system no matter what their location is in Hingham. Historic policies have since been reevaluated. The application deadline for all potential candidates in February 3rd. 

What does it mean to be a Cooperative Preschool? The definition of Cooperative varies greatly from school to school. Please reference 'The Cooperative Experience' portion of our website for more details. 

What is your student to teacher ratio? Wilder Nursery School has two smaller classrooms and one large classroom. Every class will always have two teachers assigned to it, with one assigned as the lead teacher. In the smaller classroom, the average ratio is 5:1. In the larger classroom, the average ratio is 8:1. 

Do you celebrate holidays? We sure do! Wilder believes that children are only little once and special holidays and traditions are a very important way to learn about the world around us. Please reference the 'Special Day and Traditions' portion of our website for more details. 

Can I come in and observe a class before I apply? Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate the large number of families that apply to our school, and we feel that it can be disruptive to our classes that are in session. We hold open houses in November and January where you can bring your child to tour the school, meet the staff as well as some current Wilder families. We're also happy to give tours upon request! You can call the office to schedule a time to come in. If you did not have a chance to attend the Open House and your child gets a spot from the lottery, we will make arrangements for your to view the school prior to accepting the spot. 

How does your lottery work? Once all enrollment cards have been received we hold a lottery for admission and class placement. Current students are placed first followed by siblings of current students, alumni families then students new to the school. While we do accept children who are 2.9 years of age to Wilder, children who are 3 years old by August 31st of the year of admission will be placed first. The additional open spots will be filled with students 2.9 years of age. 

Do you give preference to family members? We do give preference to former or current Wilder families. Family members of any Wilder staff members also have preference for enrollment. 

Does your school have any policies for students with severe allergies? Wilder Nursery School is a nut sensitive school. All snacks provided by the school are nut free and any food brought into the school is required to be nut free. Our staff is also trained in First Aid, CPR and EpiPen administration.