Special Days and Traditions


Wilder takes pride in keeping traditions alive and providing consistency for its students. Children are only little once, and we strive to keep that magic alive as long as possible through celebrating all special days and holidays. Birthdays, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, St. Patrick's Day, Hanukkah, Dr. Seuss Day, Special Guys Day, Dental Hygiene Day, Pajama Day....you name it, we celebrate it! If your family has a special tradition - let us know and we will celebrate it too! With all of these traditions comes an important opportunity to learn about the world around us! 

Annual wilder Traditions   

Field Trips

We like to take our learning on the road! Every year all of the classes will take a field trip to Weir River Farm. In the Fall the 2.9-4 year old students have the opportunity to get up close with the animals, sing farm songs, do a craft and enjoy a tasty treat! In the Spring the Pre-K classes experience a real working farm on our trip to Hornstra Farm, where they learn how milk goes from farm to table! There are also field trips to the Hingham Public Library, the Rec. Center and every class will celebrate the Summer Birthdays with a special off-site party at the end of the year!

Wilder Rodeo

Every year the Pre-K classes will put on a performance called the Wilder Rodeo. Set on the stage in the upper hall at Wilder, families and the younger students get to come and enjoy all of the students’ hard work as they perform songs, show off their lassoing skills and dress in their best cowpoke gear! The kids look forward to this all year long and are so proud of what they accomplish.


Our bittersweet graduation also takes place on the stage in the upper hall at Wilder. The kids sing graduation songs, are presented diplomas and show their Wilder Pride. It is an amazing celebration of their time at Wilder and how much we will miss each and every one of them! 

The Wilder Fair!

The year is culminated by the Annual Wilder Fair. Open to the Public but coordinated and run by the parents, this event provides nothing but fun for all! Moonwalks, pony rides, foodtruck, games, prizes, petting zoos and live music are just some of the attractions every year. It is a great opportunity for alumni to come back to visit their beloved school, and for the Town to experience some of the fun we have!

Camp Wilder

Graduation is not the end for our little Wilder students. Camp Wilder is a two week theme at the end of the school year. For the last two weeks of school we turn Wilder into an outdoor program complete with special tee-shirts, songs, arts and crafts, petting zoo, ice cream truck and water play. The Wilder “Campers” enjoy Water Country, Tent Town, Club Songs and lots of prizes and surprises!


Your little one is invited to bring a special grown up for a night of dancing and fun at their school. Attendees enjoy a craft table, refreshments and snacks, a photo booth and fantastic music. This sweet tradition always makes lasting memories for all. 

Just a few of the special days we celebrate each year...


Always a special day for children, parents are assigned to be the "parent of the day" as close to the actual date as possible. We celebrate summer birthdays in the spring!


The children are all smiles when they get to wear their costumes to school and parade through the classrooms!

Special Guy Day

A great time for dads or another special gentleman to spend part of a morning at school. Coffee, juice, and munchkins are served. 


Santa has been known to make a stop at the Wilder School to visit the children at Christmas time!


We have our very own "Harvest Feast" when the snack is made by the wee pilgrims for their classes. 


We celebrate by reading the story of Hanukkah and lighting the Menorah. We invite our Jewish families to come help us celebrate!