At Wilder, we play with a purpose! 

At the heart of Wilder Memorial Nursery School is our child-directed and process oriented methodology within our global environment. Although we have three distinct classrooms, our global approach allows for the children to play and explore in all classes. Our teachers enrich the lives of the children by offering a positive and nurturing environment utilizing developmentally appropriate practices. Wilder also has a wonderful playground enabling the children to play, engage with all the children at the school, develop gross motor skills and build upon their problem solving skills. 

Wilder offers two distinct curriculums that can be tailored to different classes based on the current developmental needs of students. These curriculums include a traditional Preschool program and a Pre-K program. Wilder's low student to teacher ratio enables our staff to tailor curriculum to meet the individual needs of students. Because every class is able to offer a unique curriculum and major educational themes are rotated from year to year, students may enroll at Wilder for up to three years, receiving a different experience each year. 

Our programs are designed to provide a child-directed and process oriented method which recognizes the individual growth of each child. It recognizes that there are behavioral and emotional changes that go along with physical growth, in addition to the impact of environment on the developmental process. Our programs offer a wide range of learning opportunities that aim to provide a stimulating atmosphere that encourages the individuality of each child, promotes healthy self-esteem and provides all of the children a variety of opportunities and choices.