The Cooperative Experience

Welcoming the 2019-2020 Wilder Board!

Welcoming the 2019-2020 Wilder Board!


Wilder Nursery School is considered to be the oldest cooperative preschool in the United States and the very first preschool to teach three year olds!

Being a member of a cooperative school differs greatly between every institution. At Wilder, the school is run by a Director and the Cooperative. The Cooperative is organized as a non-profit Corporation comprised of the parents of the children enrolled in the school. This Corporation is run by a Parent Board who works closely with the school director and Executive Committee. 

As parents and members of the Wilder Corporation, it is asked that you will join in the fun as Parent of the Day in your childs classroom twice per year and volunteer to work a shift at the beloved annual Wilder Fair in the Spring! It is not required to be a part of the Parent Board, but it does provide a great opportunity to collaborate with other parents and take part in some of the behind the scenes fun!